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Security, Climate and Money

Washed €10 notes hanging out to dry, via Images_of_Money/flickr

Week 2 of the Center for Security Studies’ Master of Advanced Studies in Security Policy and Crisis Management (MAS SPCM) lecture series moved from its focus on terrorism to consider money laundering, climate change and their impact upon the changing security landscape.

Money laundering and terrorism

The CSS’s Michel Hess begins by explaining links between money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities:

Corruption and security

Cardiff University’s Professor Michael Levi outlines the importance of anti-corruption efforts on a changing security landscape:

Conflict and Climate?
The Center for Comparative and International Studies’ (CIS) Thomas Bernauer pitted research against media hype to discuss links between climate change and conflict – and finds fears to be greatly exaggerated:

The MAS program now moves to the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) in Singapore for the next lecture series, where students will be focusing on regional security issues in Southeast Asia.

For more information about the MAS Security Policy and Crisis Management program please visit the MAS SPCM website.

If you are interested in the above topics, please have a look at the following publications:

International Drug Control Policy

Mexico: Issues for Congress

Fighting Corruption in Security Sector Reform

Originally published here by the International Relations and Security Network (ISN).



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