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The Experts Come to Zürich

ETH Zurich recently hosted Block III of the Center for Security Studies’ (CSS) Master of Advanced Studies program in Security Policy and Crisis Management (SPCM). Between April 9 and 18, experts and scholars from around Europe gathered in Zurich to discuss how a host of “New Risks” are shaping security policies and responses. The ISN took the opportunity to speak to some of the lecturers to gauge their opinion on how these “New Risks” will impact upon the study of security in the not-too-distant future.

The Study of Terrorism

As terrorism studies continue to grow, Professor Peter Neumann of King’s College London gives his perspective on the future of terrorism research:

The CSS’s Lorenzo Vidino outlines that the path to radicalization has many offshoots – making the study of how individuals become terrorists increasingly complex:

Dr Vidino, therefore, advocates a multifaceted approach to counter-radicalization:

Terrorism Finance

As countering terrorist responses to the financing of groups becomes increasingly sophisticated, so do attempts to outwit security and intelligence services. Dr Michel Hess of the CSS considers the effectiveness of attempts to thwart the funding of terrorist activities:

Dr Hess also predicted future trends in the evolving field of countering terrorist financing:

In Part II of our reporting on the MAS SPCM lecture series we’ll find out about the linkages between climate change and conflict, money laundering and terrorism financing, and the changing security landscape.

For more information about the MAS Security Policy and Crisis Management program please visit the MAS SPCM website.

For a more in-depth look at security issues facing the world in 2012, take a look at the recently released Strategic Trends 2012 from the Center for Security Studies. You can also read Dr Vidino’s article on the March 2012 killings in Toulouse here.

Originally published here by the International Relations and Security Network (ISN).

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